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Equipment and Expertise for Efficient Compacting of Aluminium and Copper Conductors - Now Available from a Single Source

Current market analyses demonstrate that there is an ever-growing demand for compacted aluminium and copper conductors, in particular those of larger cross-sections of up to 1,000 mm².
Compacting conductors while complying with international standards and meeting relevant quality specifications calls for an enhanced expertise in upgrading the related processes.

Stolberger KMB-Maschinenfabrik, competent supplier for the cable and wire industry on a global scale, have developed and manufactured stable compactors for decades.
Referred to as idle roller compactors, these units are equipped with 2, 3 or 4 pairs of rollers to compact round conductors, whereas one or two pairs of rollers are used when producing straight and pre-spiralled sector-shaped conductors.
Combination-type compacting units equipped with up to four pairs of rollers can be used in producing round or straight sector-shaped conductors as well as pre-spiralled sector-shaped conductors.
Thus, complete equipment is available for compacting round conductors up to 1,000 mm² and sector-shaped conductors for Milliken conductors up to 2,400 mm².


The compacting rollers installed are specially hardened items to guarantee an above-average long useful life. Easy-to-operate features and fast handling govern the efficiency of these compactors.
Irrespective of this, requirements that are essential to the profitability of use typically include determining the particular suitable conductor design as well as the roller sections and stranding die dimensions required.

Stolberger, relying on their experience, are competent, specialised and efficient in determining such parameters. So, users can draw on single-source technology and process expertise.
Stolberger's know-how package includes all the data necessary for compacting in conformity with international standards, such as
- number and diameter of wires,
- compacting rollers of suitable sections, including those for other makes,
- stranding die inside diameter information, and
- all calculations assumed as a basis.

Under such a know-how transfer, Stolberger will also assist with the manufacturing process as customers may require.