The armouring differs in 3 principal applications:

  1. Armouring of steel wires
    For the armouring of steel wires a machine with backtwist is required. The armouring with steel wires is protecting the conductors against mechanical damage. In the special case of umbilicals a diameter / weight ratio is basis when designing the umbilical and to achieve this factor, umbilicals need to be armoured with steel wire.
  2. Armouring with copper wires (screening)
    Screening is usually applying a layer of copper wires on the product. Copper wires are taking an electrical function and usually the machine to apply does not require any backtwist. Therefore the armouring can be applied to the product using a rigid stranding machine.
  3. Armouring of Kevlar
    The Kevlar armouring is made to increase the mechanical protection and to increase the mechanical load rating of products. Main use for Kevlar armouring are high flexible products which in addition require a very light design together with a high mechanical resistance.

Our delivery program contains all 3 machine types. For particular customer requirements we can offer very specific solutions.