Unwinding / Winding

Unwinding and winding are unavoidable processes for many productions, not only in the cable and rope industry.

In the cable industry winding is usually related to wires, strands, ropes and cables. In other industries different products such as hoses, tubes, profiles can be unwounded or winded.

For unwinding and winding product specific requirements need to be taken into consideration such max. allowed forces, required lengths on the reels or bobbins as well as available space and logistic in the production area.

For unwinding and winding of products we can offer a big variety of different machine types including:

  • Single spooler
  • Double spooler
  • Cantilever type take-up
  • Stationary take-up
  • Self-traversing take-up
  • Portal take-up
  • Bridge type take-up
  • A-shape design for heavy loads until 300 tons

We can manufacture all before mentioned take-ups (except spoolers) as pay-offs or take-ups.

During the last years we have developed a traversing system according to the particular requirements for winding on reels. This traversing system operates nearly operator-free and delivers a perfect winding on the reel.

Besides of take-ups for the wire and cable industry we have particularly developed take-ups for the tube and hose industry in our delivery program.

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