Pulling / haul-off units can be installed in different production line and are pulling the product out of the production line.

Typical designs are:

  • Belt-type capstans for high pulling force and a straight product passage through the line (no deviation of products)
  • Single disc capstans. The product is laid around the single disc in several layers. A fleeting ring avoids that the windings around the single disc will be on top of each other while moving them sideways (Scholl effect).
  • Double disc capstan for high pulling force. The double disc capstan is a very gentle pulling unit for the product in comparison to the single disc capstan especially if the double disc capstan has multiple grooves.

Our delivery program includes all types of capstans.

Capstan in two-belt technology for a pulling force between 0,66 – 20 kN.
Capstan in four-belt technology for a pulling force range up to 23 kN.

Single disc capstan ø 1000 – 5000 mm and a pulling force of 10 kN – 400 kN.

Double disc capstan ø 6000 – 4000 mm and a pulling force range between 6 kN – 1400 kN.