For the taping of different program products we have developed all typical taper designs.

The designs are according to tape type, number of pads and product diameter to be taped.

Our tapers are designed that the operator just has to insert product diameter, tape width and required overlapping at the operators panel and a software in the machine is activated to control the drive to achieve a perfect winding result.

Our delivery program contains:

  • Concentric type taping heads
  • Tangential type taping heads for 1 up to 8 tapes.
  • For measuring cables we have developed a real high speed solution which operates in vertical direction.
  • Furthermore we have developed particular taping heads for the taping of rectangular products especially if they have a wide height / width ratio. These taping heads are delivering a perfect taping result at highest speeds.

Besides from normal plastic tapes we can also tape copper and aluminium foils as well as steel tape. Besides from our standard taping heads we are continuously developing and manufacturing customized taping heads for very special solutions.